Shane’s Solo Exhibition closes at 6pm on Thursday, September 18th. We want to share with you some photos of the art work in the show in case you can’t make it to the Hui Noʻeau in Makawao.

One of the luxuries of having a solo show is that the artist is encouraged to wander into new directions and explore the diversity of his or her interest and talents. Shane took this very much to heart!

On display are three distinct bodies of work:
Strings – layers of acrylic paint on canvas inside a grid constructed of nylon string;
Rapport Series – acrylic and plaster on board, assembled as multi-panel pieces;
Pixel Push – digital painting, acrylic painting, and photography combine to create modern portraiture.

You could almost consider the construction of the show a fourth series — Shane is very excited about the design he created for his custom panels that makes hanging the work oh-so-easy and also the design and construction of the stands in the middle of the room. Form and Function are intimate partners throughout Shane’s entire creative process.

Download Shane’s Artist Statement to learn more about the works in this exhibit. (PDF)

Watch a short video of the Rapport diptychs and triptychs curation process.

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We are most grateful to Maui art journalist, Paul Janes-Brown for his review of the show. You can watch it here. Please join our discussion about it on Facebook, and Like Paul’s Page, Curtain Call.

Please also check out the wonderful photos taken by Art Scene Hawaii at the Artist Walk Through, posted on Facebook. Here is the link to the Iterations by Shane Robinson photo album.

A few visitor comments

“It’s like the big city came to Maui. It’s really rich.”
~ Darryl Orwig, former director of the Schaefer Gallery, frequent curator, and Maui artist

“This installation is really new and innovative for Maui, because we just don’t get that many young, fresh, exciting, interesting collections and installations like this. I’m used to seeing something like this at the Spalding House in Honolulu, but not here on Maui.”
~ Kelly McHugh, Arts Administrator and Communications Specialist

“Shane’s Solo Exhibition: “Iterations… Pixel pushers are a series of portraits of a woman named Bridget which become increasingly more abstract as a result of the pixels being randomly rearranged by custom software recipes and filters Mr.. Robinson created. In some it appears as if the viewer is passing by her at a rapid pace, causing her to blur, but parts of her are also in perfect focus so the viewer feels in motion and standing still simultaneously. The Strings remind me of the chalk wall drawings of the great conceptual artist Sol Lewitt. However, Mr. Robinson’s work uses color, is seemingly minimalistic and simplistic, and will draw the viewer into a deeper conversation. … After the walkthrough today, I saw more than I initially did. Shane is such a genius.”
~ Paul Janes-Brown, host, Curtain Call

“I recently had the incredible pleasure of attending Shane Robinson’s Iterations Artist Talk at the Hui Noʻeau. The art was diverse and fascinating with a wonderful contemporary edge. It was so exciting to gain insight into Shane’s processes for creating and presenting his art.”
~ Anita Marci, Maui contemporary artist

Please join us on Shane’s Facebook page and tell us your thoughts and feelings about this show!